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          Report Bullying

          There are many reasons why young people decide not to talk about bullying, whether that is due to not wanting to talk face to face, lack of confidence, peer pressure or scared in case someone sees them talking to or seen in the schools office but to name just a few.

          As a result we have created OBRA (Online Bullying Reporting App) which allows young people, parents/guardians or members of the public to report any incidents which occur within the school and local community anonymously and without fear.

          Aside from the reporting tool, OBRA delivers educational content to raise awareness on a wide range of subjects including: Bullying, Health, Community Issues, Weapons and Hate Crime.

          OBRA promotes inclusion, safeguarding, e-safety and provides additional opportunities for students to report their concerns.

          Anonymous Use Out Of School silence


          Use Out Of School

          Don’t Suffer

          OBRA is anonymous, you don’t have to leave your information if you choose not to, but if you want help and support it’s best to leave your details.

          The OBRA System isn’t just a school system, it can be used at Home, on mobile or anywhere that is connected to the internet.

          Please don’t suffer in silence. Contact 365体育官网 High School’s OBRA leaders and speak to someone to get the help you need.

          Report an Incident

          Bullying is behaviour by an individual/group repeated over time, which intentionally hurts another individual/group either physically or emotionally.

          If you'd like to report something other than bullying, please speak to your Standards and Progress Leader, Pastoral Manager, or Form Tutor.

          Remember: this is NOT an emergency service.

          There will be a delay in dealing with any information submitted out of school hours, during the weekend or during school holidays.

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